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Best Dolce Gusto Machine – Reviews 2022 – 2023

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The Best Dolce Gusto Machine Reviews

Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Dolce Gusto Machine Is The NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Majesto!

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If you are looking for a simple and modern coffee maker look no further than the Dolce Gusto machines, the Dolce Gusto range boasts coffee machines that use coffee pods to create hot and cold drinks to everyone’s taste.

Made by Nescafe these coffee machines Dolce Gusto have made are straightforward to use and can come as an automatic or manual model with a design that will suit anyone’s kitchen.

However with so many different Dolce Gusto machines on the market, it can be a difficult decision to choose just one, that’s why we have rounded up the best Nescafé Dolce Gusto machines and compared them to help find the right coffee maker for you.

Our Top Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine! (2020)

– The NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Majesto Coffee Maker (Editors Choice)

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This automatic coffee maker from Dolce Gusto boasts a 1.8-litre water tank with a 15 bar pressure system and a capsule operated brewing for easy user use.

The Nescafé Dolce Gusto machine comes with an eco-mode that switches off the machine after 30 minutes of inactivity to save its power and has an automatic water level detector to ensure your device has enough water for coffee every single time.

Feature-wise this stylish coffee maker can create thirty different hot and cold drinks with its coffee pods and gives automatic service updates to keep your machine running smoothly. This model also has a two-year warranty to ensure buyer confidence.


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This Dolce Gusto coffee maker is very stylish and extremely easy to use due to its one-touch interface and automatic system. Its water detector function and eco mode make using this model effortless for the whole family.

Downfalls of this Dolce Gusto model has to be its lack of a latte option and save function, which means you have to enter in what you want every single time. This coffee machine has also been said to leak sometimes.


  • Stylish and modern.
  • Automatic features make it easy to use.
  • Eco-mode saves power.
  • Large water tank.
  • Can make a variety of drinks.


  • No latte option and save function.
  • Has been reported to leak.

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Our Runner Up! – Nescafé Dolce Gusto KP123B41 Mini-Me Automatic Coffee Machine

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The Dolce Gusto coffee machine KP123B41 model has very high ratings and is priced very reasonably, this model comes with a 15 pressure system and can produce over 40 different drinks with its pods, this model can also be brought as a bundle with some pods included for getting you started.

Other features of this mini machine’s model have an 800ml water capacity which could be useful for a two-person household and boasts a stylish design. This mini Dolce Gusto coffee machines model also has automatic water turn off and eco-system to save power when not in use.

It’s pod system also minimises clean up which is excellent for commuting coffee makers in the morning.


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This model is perfect for coffee makers who want a simple system with a stylish design. The machine’s model has very high ratings and even comes with pods to get you started. Its eco mode is also great for saving power.

Negatives of this machines model have to be its small water capacity which will need refilling often.


  • Perfect for non-fussy coffee makers on a budget.
  • Simple to use with a great range of flavours to choose from.
  • Compact.
  • Automatic water turns off and eco-system.


  • Minimal capacity.
  • No milk frothing option.
  • May struggle to fit larger cups.

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Breville All-in-One Coffee House

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This Breville branded model is compatible with all Dolce Gusto coffee pods. It comes with a 1.5-litre thermal tank to keep your liquids hot. It has fifteen bar pressure which produces high-quality espressos and coffees.

Its easy compact coffee maker has an elevated cup stand and a drip catch system to avoid the mess. Its design also comes with a 1.7-litre water tank which is easy to remove for refilling. This model has an auto-detect system for attachments and will show the relevant brew you can make.

The Breville coffee maker has a milk wand for creating the best foam possible and is compatible with over 40 of Nescafé Dolce Gusto pods. The all in one system can make you espressos, filter coffee and use capsules to create a variety of drinks.


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Overall this Breville model is perfect for using with the Dolce Gusto capsules. It’s better than a lot of other machines on our list due to its steam wand and large water tank. This model is also very versatile as it can offer filter coffee too.

However, some negatives of this machine have to be its pod engagement which is said to be faulty at times; this models thermal tank is also reported to not keep coffee hot for very long.


  • Compatible with Dolce Gusto pods and can filter coffee too.
  • Large water tank and steam wand.
  • Thermal jug for coffee.
  • Drip catch system and elevated cup stand.
  • Auto-detection system.


  • Low pod feature and engagement.
  • The coffee jug does not keep liquids warm for long.

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De’Longhi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Eclipse Toucher

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De’Longhi is well known in the coffee machine industry for creating some high-quality products, this Nescafé machine, in particular, boasts a fifteen bar pressure pump and can make over 40 different varieties of coffee with the Dolce Gusto capsules.

Design-wise this coffee machine comes with a one-litre water tank and an easy to use digital touch screen which allows you to adjust and personalise water output. This Dolce Gusto machine also has an adjustable drip tray for different cup sizes.

Other features of this machine are its easy-clean design and hot/cold drink function. This model has a one year warranty for buyer confidence.


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This Dolce Gusto model is so affordable and has all the features needed to create some great coffee from its pod system. The design is also very stylish and would complement any kind of kitchen. It’s also straightforward to use and highly rated by customers.

Downfalls of this Dolce Gusto coffee machines model has to be its liquid temperature. This machine is reported to produce warm but not hot coffee; its water tank is also not very big and lacks a milk frothing feature.


  • Very affordable and easy to use.
  • Stylish with a touch screen.
  • Can create a variety of pod drinks.
  • Adjustable drip tray and easy to clean.


  • No milk frothing option.
  • Liquid temperature is not very hot.
  • Small water tank in comparison to other coffee machines.

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Nescafe Dolce Gusto by KRUPS

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This mini Nescafé Dolce Gusto machine by KRUPS is one of the most affordable coffee machines on our list. The device features a 15 bar pressure system. It can assist in creating a variety of different hot drinks with milk or espressos.

The machine can be adjusted according to the size of your cups, and its automatic system lets the capsules adjust its pressure according to your specific brew.


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A very affordable coffee Dolce Gusto machine which would be perfect for single person use. This is great for lazy coffee makers who want a cafe-style coffee in the mornings without having to put the effort in.

Downfalls of this model have to be its design, the cup base of this coffee machine does not lock down, this means every time you make a brew it unfortunately rattles. The water capacity is also small, which means it would not be suitable for multiple people.


  • Very affordable and great to use for one person.
  • Works with Dolce Gusto coffee pods.
  • The automatic system means little effort.


  • The water capacity is minimal and needs refilling often.
  • Cup base does not lock.

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Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Oblo Titane

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The Krups designed coffee machines model is very stylish and has a mid-range price. Its coffee maker comes with 15 bar pressure and an 800ml water capacity which is perfect for a single-serve coffee machine.

Other features of this machine are manually powered, making it different from the other Dolce Gusto coffee machines on our list. Meaning you can control how much water comes out of the tank allowing you to decide the strength of your drink.

This manual pod machines design is also very lightweight and can slide in quickly on your kitchen counter.


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A stylish manual Dolce Gusto coffee machine which is great for single person use to make a variety of different drinks easily. The only points we didn’t like about the Krups machine was its limited water tank which means you have to refill often. This machine is also a manual which requires more work than automatic machines.


  • Very stylish with a fair price.
  • Suitable for single person use.
  • The manual system means more control over your drink.
  • Pod system means minimal cleaning.


  • Limited water capacity.
  • Manual means more attention needed.

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Our Verdict – Which Is The Best Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine?

To conclude, the best Dolce Gusto machine on our list has to be the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Majesto coffee machine due to its large water capacity and reliable design. This machines model also has an eco mode and can be used with all of Dolce Gustos capsules to create a variety of hot drinks.

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As a more affordable runner up we would suggest the Nescafe Dolce Gusto KP123B41 mini machine due to its eco-system turn off and compact design.

All these Dolce Gusto coffee machines can be found online Amazon.

What To Look For In The Best Dolce Gusto Machines 

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All the Dolce Gusto machines are pretty similar in how they work with their pod system. However, you still should consider some specific features as they differ between each kind of model.

For example, some have a larger water capacity than others, and some are also a larger size. Make sure you check these specific features before deciding on which model you want.

The Most Important Features In a Dolce Gusto

As we noted above, all the Dolce Gusto coffee machines are very similar in how they work. Still, some have a difference in their designs and suitability for larger households.

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We have listed out the key features to consider below to help choose your best Dolce Gusto model –

  • Water capacity – The water tank in Dolce Gusto coffee models ranges from around 2 litres to 800ml, now this is quite a big difference and is something to consider if more than one person is going to be using the coffee machine in the morning. Continually having to refill your water tank will be a bother, so choose the right capacity for you.
  • Manual or auto – Most of the Dolce Gusto models are automatic, which is great if you’re not fussed about having adjustability on how much water goes into your coffee. Manual models offer a little more control but do take away the convenience of having a coffee maker.
  • Size – Check the size of your whole model, the last thing you want is an oversized coffee machine that can’t fit under your kitchen cabinets, Dolce Gusto offers some great mini models if you don’t have a lot of counter space to spare.
  • Design – One of the best things about Dolce Gusto’s range is its designs, there so many stylish models available in different colours so shop around!
  • Adjustability – Do you want to be able to lower your cup base for more giant cups? Or have a digital touch screen? Consider these features before making a purchase.
  • Warranty – Most Dolce Gusto machines should come with a one year warranty but do double check before buying.
  • Milk frothing – Most of the Dolce Gusto machines will use UHT milk pods to create your brew; however, some do come with a steam wand for milk frothing. If frothy lattes are your thing, then make sure you find a model with this accessory option.

How To Maintain Your Dolce Gusto Machine

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Everyone wants their Dolce Gusto coffee machine to last them for a long time, so you must maintain it and treat it well.

We’ve listed out our top tips for caring for your coffee machine below –

  • Use it properly – Fill your water tank often, use the right amount of coffee and follow the instructions, if you follow all these steps it’s unlikely you will encounter any problems on the machines technical side.
  • Keep it clean – Clean your coffee jugs and machines spout, grime can build up here and come unhealthy.
  • Run it through with water – Every once in a while run your pod machine through with a mix of cleaning water such as vinegar, this will take out any old debris or coffee.
  • Check your manual – Always check your specific models manual for cleaning instructions, Dolce Gusto themselves have videos you can follow along to when cleaning your machine.
  • Turn it off – Most Dolce Gusto machines have an auto switch off; however, if your model doesn’t make sure you to remember to switch it off, this will prolong your appliances life massively.

Why You Need a Pod Coffee Machine

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The most obvious reason for investing in a Dolce Gusto machine or any pod machine is convenience. There is nothing better than having your favourite brew all made up in a capsule, and all you have to do is let the machine do its work.

Nowadays, with all the different pod brands on the market such as Starbucks and Costa, you can have your favourite coffees from within your home!

We’ve listed out a few more benefits below –

  • Convenience – Pod coffee machines are just so easy and convenient to use; all the beans have been ground and measured already in the capsules, which makes it fun from the start.
  • Less cleaning – A pod system means no spilt coffee grounds and easy cleanup.
  • It’s done for you – All you have to do is place the pod in the holder and let the machine do its magic, these machines will give you consistent results every time so no more bad coffee days.
  • Fresh tasting – Due to how pods are sealed, their coffee always stays very new.
  • You can make professional drinks – From Starbucks caramel lattes to Baileys hot chocolates, these machines allow you to be a professional in making hot and cold beverages.


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What pods can be used in the Dolce Gusto model?

All the Nescafé pods are compatible with the Dolce Gusto models, you may be able to fit third party pods, but this is not recommended and could break your machine, so do your research first.

How often do I need to clean my model?

Generally speaking, try and clean it daily with a cloth to wipe down any grime. Still, for a full cleanout of your machine, you should only do this once a month, this will involve running a cleaning solution through your coffee makers system.

How much do Dolce Gusto machines usually cost?

Dolce Gusto machines can cost anything up to £400, but there are also some very cheap models for under £50 which are great for one-person use.

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Do I need a milk frother with my model?

Not really, it’s down to personal preference, some come with wands, or you can buy as an accessory. Most models come with UHT milk pods instead.

Can you put milk in the machine in place of water?

No, this is not recommended, milk can be challenging to clean out and contains proteins that could leave bacteria inside of your coffee machine. Milk is really not designed to be heated within these machines and also cause your model to break.

Can I re-use my Dolce Gusto pods?

Yes, you can buy reusable Dolce Gusto pods online and refill them with you favourite coffee, not only can this save you money from buying pods, but allows you to customise what coffee you want in your pods.

Our #1 Dolce Gusto Machine

Dolce Gusto has created a variety of different models to choose from, all are compatible with their wide range of pods and make a great addition to anyone’s kitchen.

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The best model on our list is the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Majesto coffee machine, due to its high-end features and design.