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Andrew James Barista Coffee Maker Review 2022 – 2023

Andrew James Barista Coffee Maker

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The Andrew James brand (CHECK THE PRICE HERE!isn’t a popular brand in the coffee maker market, but with their release of the Andrew James Barista Coffee Maker, they are gaining much more popularity and are reaping the rewards for it. The coffee maker itself is very stylish thanks to its modern stainless steel design, so it will look great in any modern kitchen.

It’s surprising to see a product that is already very affordable to have the stainless steel design, so it just goes to show how much the Andrew James brand is willing to invest to make sure their coffee machine is able to compete. The coffee maker is perfect for those that have a taste for coffee every morning and thanks to these product features, it means all of the coffee it makes is going to taste just as professional as getting it from your local coffee shop.

From simple features such as the removable drip tray to the hot water function that will allow you to make other drinks such as hot chocolate – this product is excellent value for money and is a strong competitor in the coffee maker market.

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If you are interested in getting to know this coffee maker in more detail, have a look at the features it offers below:

  • Steam wand – The steam wand implemented into this coffee maker is helped along by the powerful steam technology. It’s not like all of the other cheap steam wands that come with other coffee makers; this one actually works. You will be able to make your favorite cappuccino and latte drinks thanks to this steam wands ability to froth milk consistently.
  • 2 year warranty – If you are looking for a product that is going to last, you needn’t look any further than this Andrew James Barista Coffee Maker. This product consists of a robust design so it is going to last for years, but if it doesn’t, the 2 year warranty will ensure you are covered with a repair or a replacement if it doesn’t live up to its robust standards.

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  • Stainless steel design – The stainless steel design this coffee maker is based upon will look great in any kitchen. Most of the other stainless steel designed coffee makers are a lot more expensive so to have this feature with such an affordable product is unheard of. The stainless steel not only looks great but it’s also very easy to wipe down and clean after every use.
  • Dishwasher safe components – The removable drip tray along with a few of the other components are dishwasher safe. This means that once you have finished using the coffee maker you can take the components off and place them in the dishwasher to clean – leaving you with nothing else to concentrate on other than to enjoy a nice cup of coffee.
  • 15 bar pump – The 15 bar pump technology is used in a lot of professional coffee outlets, so you can be sure you are going to get a great tasting coffee every time you want one. The powerful steam output will allow you to make the best crema for the ultimate coffee.
  • Cup warmer – The cup warmer included with this coffee maker is a handy feature for those looking to make multiple cups of coffee in the morning for other people. Simply make the cups and place them on top of the coffee maker where the hot surface will keep them boiling.
  • Hot water pump – The hot water pump included with this product is handy for those families that like a bit of variety when it comes to hot drinks. Instead of just making coffees, the hot water pump will let you use the hot water feature to make a variety of other drinks such as tea and hot chocolate.
  • 7 Litre Water Tank – The tank on the back is one of the biggest you will find on a coffee machine and can cater for up to 1.7 litres of water. This is handy for bigger families so you don’t have to keep filling the tank every few minutes – especially when you filter water through as it can be very time-consuming.

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  • Removable drip tray – The drip tray can be removed with ease and cleaned after every use of the coffee maker, to keep it in perfect condition. The filter sieve, measuring scoop, steam nozzles, and filter holder are also dishwasher safe and can be removed with ease.
  • 2 cups at a time – This product offers users the ability to make two cups of coffee at any one time if they so wish. With the added facility of the hot water pump means users can make one coffee and another hot drink of their choosing if one person fancies a coffee and the other person fancies a cup of tea.
  • Easy to use –This Andrew James coffee maker only comes with a handful of features, but they are all features that make the coffee-making experience much easier. The product only has a simple dial on the front and a couple of buttons so you can quickly choose what drink you want and it will quickly make it – so you can be sure you will not have to mess around with a lot of settings to get the perfect cup of coffee you want every morning.

This product gets nothing but 5-star reviews from a lot of the consumers that add this to their kitchen facility – it is truly one of the only inexpensive stainless steel coffee makers on the market. This Andrew James Barista Coffee Maker will make your coffee-making experience not only very easy, but it will also make it as professional as getting a cup of coffee from your local coffee shop. This product is feature-rich, but it only offers a few settings that makes coffee making very easy and hassle-free. If you are looking for a good coffee maker that can make two cups of coffee at a time, and do it professionally, then you may want to consider this product and all of the features it offers.


Features: Dishwasher safe components – 15 bar pump – Stainless steel – 2 year warranty – Easy to use

Pricing: Mid-Range

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